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Why doesn't America invest more in public transportation?

It just seems like a win-win situation.
+ No $4/gal gas
+ Less accidents on the road
+ Provide transportation to those who do have their own vehicle
+ Don't have to drive and you are free to do a lot
+ Less pollution
+ Less traffic

Why doesn't america invest more in public transportation?

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1. Jon
It would be a win-win, however, the car and oil industries try to make sure these things don't happen. The cost is the main factor however. Many cities and municipalities are reluctant to invest in it because they don't think they'll earn the money back. In some cases this may be true, but the cost can be offset by the external benefits of better air quality, less cars, etc. I know of no city that has a good public transit system where people have ever advocated to get rid of it. High speed rail connecting the major cities up and down the coasts would do wonders for the economy. Americans have just gotten too attached the "freedom" of their cars, which was engrained in them in 50's by the auto industry. The auto industry also helped dismantle many public transit systems, mainly the system in LA. They bought up all the stations and closed them, so people had to use cars. At any rate, more public transportation would do the US a lot of good, but the cities need the money to do it.
2. Vertical Reality
It's the design of American cities - they're designed for cars. Europe's cities and towns are designed more for walking and are much more condensed.

Ideally yeah, making an America where public transport is used by a significant portion of people is great.

But unfortunately it's expensive - and it would require a complete rethink of the past 70-80 years where cities designed more and more for cars with sprawling suburbs, etc...
3. Extra Stuff
For one thing, the cost is way too high, and in some places like Cleveland Ohio, it cost so much to ride the public system it's a toss up between paying to stand up and be late getting there plus the fare, or paying for gas, and usually the latter wins, as being more reliable, and cheaper.
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