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Why do people in LA hate their public transportation system?

I just visited LA for 2 weeks, and against everyone's advice, decided not to rent a car. This was the best decision ever. LA has probably the nicest Metro rail system I have ever seen, and although it doesn't go to many places, there are express buses and shuttles going everywhere else. So why do...

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1. jhsm85
Where did you stay? I hear the public transportation system is great in some areas.. And I actually have an Orange Line bus stop right outside my apartment complex, but I've never taken it. The problem is the sheer size of LA. You can be in one area, and easily take the bus or metro a couple of stops and get where you need to be. You can also spend 6 hours trying to get somewhere that a car would take you in 15 minutes.

I got stuck in Glendale one time, and decided to take the bus. Very nice bus, and cost me a quarter, but just simply getting to the mall took half the day.
2. L0g1c5
Because most of us have at least a 30 mile commute from what I researched
And most of the time it takes twice if not longer, we here in LA are very fast paced
I mean i wouldnt mind taking the bus but I live in the southbay area and have to drive to Norwalk, then drive to Long Beach, the to San Pedro for work. No thanks on the bus for that lol
3. Capt. Obvious
Well, you obviously didn't try to get anywhere of great distance, like Disneyland.

I ride the rails and busses every day. If I worked by the subway, life would be rainbows and sunshine. But on days when I have to go to Century City or Culver City, it takes twice as long, even on the express busses. It takes an hour to get 30 miles from Brea to Wilshire/Western, then another hour to get to Century City by bus.

The last metrolink train to LA leaves around 6:30 from Anaheim. You can pay more on Amtrak, I suppose, but even they don't have a train late enough to watch fireworks.
4. Shakira
I agree with you, I can get around the bus just fine. I think people complain because transportation doesn't go far enough. But, I use it to go to Santa Monica, Best Buy, Downtown La, Long Beach, etc.
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