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Why are there no fixed public transportation routes in downtown Detroit MI.?

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1. Roaddogg
There are. Both the DDOT (Detroit department of Transportation) Green & Yellow buses and the SMART (Suburban) Red buses have several lines serving downtown Detroit on specific routes & schedules. Plus the People Mover monorail also runs a loop around downtown. Just visit for assistance.
2. Mr. Knowledgeable VI
In Detroit there is a saying "It's the Motor City, get a car!" Even though Detroit is the Automotive Capital of the United States and the World,I do believe Detroit does need a public transportation system of efficient buses and trains but I do not ever see this happening for two reasons. First, many of the cities in the suburbs do not want bus transportation since they believe it is a waste of money and a lot of citizens find other means of transportation. Second, a train system like the Metra in Chicago would cost money to have and with the metropolitan Detroit area population on decline, it would be a waste of money to have a train system.

Although I do not see any on ground mass transportation improvements in the future, I do believe that if Detroit ever wants to host the Summer Olympic Games (which I have heard rumors about Detroit wanting to host), they would need a mass transportation system of buses and trains to get international visitors to and from their locations.
Lack of city funding, many people will tell you its because its the motor city, but there was a time the city of Detroit had more significant mode of public transportation which included the largest rail road depot in the country at one time that is now been shut down for several years.
Due to the decline of the economy, many budgets have been cut, that is to include the funding of public transportation.
4. oy vey
Auto industry. Why would the motor city promote a public transportation system? The city economy has been sustained during the last century by the auto industry.
5. Marc X
No fixed public transportation? What about the Mugger Mover? Although it's true that the SMART system ain't.
6. misledpunkieduckie
You can get just about anywhere you want to go to on the People Mover and cheaply too!! The Smart bus is prettygood also. Here are both their websites so you can get schedules.
#1 Peoplemover @
#2 Smart bus @
7. TheChosenOne313
Its funny how we are the motor city when i see more people walking than driving.
8. drw
lousy bus system, sometime works out. its also the "motor city"
big car company's don't want it.
9. ladydaisy
Bacause the mayor sucks !!
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