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Where in California will I find the best public transportation?

I'm looking to move to CA. I have no license and public transportation would be a must. I hear San Fran is nice, I am gay so I guess that's a plus haha... but the rent is probably too high. Anywhere south of San Francisco, like Daly City? Any help would be great! Word is San Diego public trans isn't...

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1. Rudy
berkeley ca, is the best rent is chip
2. Nico
San Diego (and southern CA in general) is just very spread out and it makes no sense to run a bus sometimes to serve like 3 people. San Diego does have a light rail system that we call the trolley and that goes to a lot of places, but it doesn't reach everywhere.
3. Justin W
it is nearly impossible to rely on public transportation her (los angeles) or california in general. if you cannot afford a car then i would seriously reconsider moving here. people move to california all the time with hopes of being successful but unemployment is 13% right now here and with the cost of living being so high california would probably be a better place to visit than to live for you. believe me. unless you have a lot of money to live off for a year or so don't move here.
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