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What would the taxi fare be from Union Station to Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, IL?

trying to get a little more information on what the cost or mileage charge for a taxi per mile in Chicago, IL.

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1. my 2 cents
probably 25-30, but there are free shuttles that run during the summer for tourists.
2. Tonks78
The Shedd is about 2.25 miles fr: Union fares just went up so here's the breakdown via ABC 7 News:

The following rates are currently in effect when entering a Chicago taxicab:

"The flag pull or initial charge to enter a cab is $2.25 for the first 1/9 mile.

The additional fraction of a mile charge is $.20 for each additional 1/9 mile.

Every 36 seconds of time elapsed is $.20; the flat fee for the first additional passenger is $1.00; the flat fee for each additional passenger, after the first additional passenger is $.50."

So, with all that in mind it also depends on the time of day, traffic, road conditions and how many passengers you'll have with you, so figuring w/the initial fees plus what you're being charged per 36 seconds or 1/9th mile, whichever comes first, so for sake of argument, you go to the Shedd early in the day, traffic, etc..

1.00 (gas surcharge)
.20 x 20(minutes, for argument sake) = $4.00
More or less w/tip, about a tenner/$ I depends on traffic, road conditions, etc...

A bus would be much cheaper. Just google "CTA schedules and trip planner" and you should be able to find a route. It's only about 3 dollars and it'll take just as long.

Good luck!
3. TuffyKeena
If you're going to the Shedd be prepared for a loooooooooooooooooooong line, I went Tuesday and everyone was standing out in the rain in a line that stretched out the the Field Museum, a friend went yesterday and said it was the same.

Be prepared for waiting out in the weather, bring an umbrella if it calls for rain, and bring sunscreen if the forecast is sunny.
4. None O
Give this site a try:

When you type in the destination, it will give you the estimated taxi fare as well as duration and direction. The site is very popular in Chicago. I first found it on Chicago Gov site.
5. Miss Brown
I would guess it will be around $15 depending on traffic. You should get in touch with Chicago Carriage Cab to find out for sure.
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