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What Taxi service would you recommend? - ATL Airport?

Which taxi service would you recommend for someone going from the ATL airport to Savannah College of Art and Design ( 1600 Peachtree St NW Atlanta, GA 30309 )? Thanks so much in advance.

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1. dandy
I would recommend taking the train. It's a straight trip from the airport, you don't even need to change lines. It'll also save you about $30 each way, and if it's during rush hour, a lot of time too.

But if you're deadset on taking a cab... leaving from the airport you can probably just go to a stand to find one. To call someone for a ride back, I recommend Atlanta Lenox Taxi (404.872.2600). They're the one I keep in my phone for emergencies, early airport trips and/or wild nights. I've had no complaints.
2. Andrew
I'd recommend Savannah Airport Taxi from
3. Frenzy
We use Checker Cab a lot. (404) 351-1111

I think there’s a flat fee of $35.00 or so to go to the airport. So, you may better off taking the MARTA bus or the train which terminates inside the airport.
4. Adz
Why don't you try public transit? It's pretty simple. Just take the metro to Arts centre station, then get on Bus 23 (direction Lenox).
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