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What public transportation goes to pelican bay state prison?i live in oakland,ca?

I live in oakland california and i want to visit my big brother in pelican bay state prison.i don't have a drivers license.i would rather catch a bus or train.if that's not possible is there any airlines that goes up there.please help me out.i need to see him asap.Thank you

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1. roger
there is no public transportation you will have to fly from san francisco airport to eureka california and trhen take a taxi over to perican bay as it is in the butt hole of the universe and not near anything and none of those towns have bus service your other choice is a 10 hour drive one way in a rental car.
2. jonathan st.thomas
Yellow Pages has information on Pelican Bay State Prison at

Try Greyhound Bus Company's Contact Page at

For information on public transportation in the same county
that Pelican Bay State Prison is in go to Del Norte County Public Transit at

If there is no public transportation to and Pelican Bay
State Prison in Crescent City,California the Yellow Pages
has a list of taxi cab service in and around Crescent City,California at
3. perry
Criminal Records Search :
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