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What kind of transportation do they use in peru?

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1. reggae_music_lover
Planes, buses, trucks, cars, motorbikes, boats, 3 wheeled motokars (motorcycle taxis) and the good old fashion way......walk.

When I asked my grandfather-in law if he had ever been to Lima, he said took me a month to walk there from Iquitos.

2. memorex
I Lima every kind:

For US $ 30 an hour, Paragliding*5wVZaz-*Fv1a...

Harley Davidson

Hummers (used) for sale in US $

In Iquitos (amazon jungle), MOTOTAXI

In Huanchaco (Trujillo), CABALLITO DE TOTORA

In Lake Titicaca (Puno), BALSA DE TOTORA

In Huancayo, Cuzco, Macchu Picchu and Puno . . . TRAIN

In Markawasi (Huarochiri), Donkeys and Horses

In main cities: Mini buses (Combis), Mediun buses (Micros) and buses (Busing)

Marañon river, Ucayali river & Amazon river, on BOAT

Etc, Etc, Etc.
3. Rainy days.........
Buses for longer distances, trains also but mainly inland and more to the south of Peru. taxis of course, and also bike-pulled cart carriers thingies (like those ones for little kids only larger, they fit 2 people normally.)
and cars that are about the size of a volkswagon bus and hold anywhere from 9 to 30 people (the locals actually ride on top when it gets too full).
hope i helped! i've been there so this is all from experience :)
4. Michael
Much the same as any other South American country: trains, planes and cars.
Without air travel, much of the country would be inaccessible. The two main airports are at the capital Lima and also at Iquitos. There are about 250 other smaller ariports but only 1/5th of these have properly paved runways.
The railways and mountainous roads are subject to landslides and guerrilla attacks. Only 1/9th of Peru's roads are properly paved.
In the east, the Amazon and other rivers provide waterways for getting around by boat.
5. Crilaw
In the cities the peruvians usually use mototaxi (in the small city), combi (little bus) and taxi, for the long trip "bus cama" (big pullman where you can sleep) or normal pullman
6. <--Miguel-Angel-->
I think that It depends the place, in Lima usually the most people use bus
7. Love thy neighbour
Totally agree with you Renato, however I think in this case it's just a lazy teenager not wanting to do her homework properly and therefore the question. Isn't it amazing, the kind of questions you can get from some people here? Don't think it's stupidity, I guess it's just sheer ignorance. By the way asker, books don't bite so read please.
8. tinahdez
9. Renato N
When I thought I had seen (read and listened) to all the possible stupid questions, there is ALWAYS somebody that out marks the previous... isn't that one of the wonders of yahoo answers?
10. Dade County
Donkeys!!!! what a stupid question
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