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What is the mode of transportation in LA?

I am going to take classes at UCLA this summer, but I also want to get a job or internship at the same time. If the mode of transportation is public shuttle bus, then is it safe? When I mean safe, I mean like no sexual harrassment. I was in the NYC metro for Thanksgiving break with friends and we got hit on...

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1. Lark ♥
I've seen a UCLA shuttle around town, but I'm not sure where all it goes & if it can help you get between your job & school, but I'd check it out if I were you. There is probably info on the UCLA website. I don't really take public transportation here (I live here & since I now have my license I drive everywhere), but I've taken it in a ton of cities around the world and haven't really had that many problems. I've had my bum pinched a couple of times in Eastern Europe & on the Tube, but never in the LA or anywhere else Stateside. If you have an iPod, just listen to it & tune out everybody. They'll think you can't hear them when they're talking to you. Just make sure you have your wallet in a safe place & your bag held close so you won't get pickpocketed and don't get so into your tunes that you aren't paying attention when it's your stop. I'm 16 & a model & seriously get gawked at like everyday by dudes of all ages & I mostly just ignore it. I avoid eye contact & always keep my iPod on & keep moving. Most of the time, they are just trying to pay you a compliment or be cheeky & I don't get offended. (I don't hang with them, either & I never give my digits) As long as they aren't saying something sexual or pervy (and they rarely ever do) I just smile, firmly say I've gotta jet & I go on my merry little way. The few times it's truly been sexual harassment I've glared at him, told him that it was NOT okay, that I'm 16 freakin years old and then told him to back the f*ck off. It works. Almost always, other people will stand up for you, especially when you're a young girl / woman, which I'm assuming you are.

I seriously doubt you're gonna deal with much hassle on the bus or shuttle. You're gonna be okay here. : ) Have fun!!!!!!
2. Roaddogg
The Metro system is generally quick, safe and can get you just about anywhere you might want to go. Especially on the West side near UCLA you have many routes and services including MTA local & Rapid buses which connect to the subway in mid Wilshire. Also, the Santa Monica Blue Bus system and Culver City Green Bus lines serve the west side extensively. You'll be fine without a car.
3. CarlisleGirl
There are plenty of buses in the UCLA area, no trains alas, and parking is a bear and expensive, so I would recommend the bus. Or walk or bike if you are close by.

Now as for getting hit on by the older men, enjoy it while you can! Trust me, all too soon it fades away... there will come a time when you look up one day and realize it stopped happening and you moved into a different phase of your life. It is more overt in places like Italy, but it happens everywhere. You may even miss it later on.

Just learn a snappy comeback for anyone who is TOO forward and actually touches you, such as:

"Uncle Charlie! What would Aunt Maud say?"
or just let out a loud yell to drive them away if they really get to you.
4. agcgartner
Bus, taxi, Limo, Rental Car. Sure, it is like any city, you watch your surroundings. If you feel anything is amiss, trust your senses, (that is why God gave them to you, its called intuition)and avoid danger. If you feel harrassed tell the bus driver or sit up front to avoid problems. If you are alone late at night, make sure you have mace, a switch or something in case you have to wait alone for the bus.
Best to Pray and ask God to watch you throughout the day!
5. pblcbox
I hate to tell you, but unless you're driving yourself then you will still run the risk of getting hit on by older men - we're guys, for Pete's sake, and not all that bright.

However, being hit on is not an unsafe situation...just an annoying one. So take the bus and ignore the idiots.
6. Capt. Obvious
The mode of transporation is by bus. And yes, if you are young and pretty, men will try to hit on you. That's why we always tell people that you need a car. Too many lowlifes ride the bus, making it harder for regular folks to ride.
7. mobilemark
ucla has shuttles to their housing area
you can check with them
they have deal with the two loca transit companies
(Santa Monica and culver city ) where you can ride their
buses for 25cents when you swiped your bruin card
8. anna
the mode of transportation is usually driving your own car.
9. ohbrother a car or ride your bike.
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