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What is the easiest way to go from ocean city to philadelphia pa using public transportation?

buses and trains (amtrak) ideally

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1. shoredude2
From Ocean City, NJ

Take NJ Transit 507 bus to Atlantic City. Then take the 551 bus to Philadelphia.

If you meant Ocean City, MD that can be a little harder. You'll have to take a Greyhound bus to Salisbury where you should be able to switch to a Greyhound bus to Wilmington. There you can get on a SEPTA train to Philadelphia.
2. John Wilbur
I don't know which Ocean City you are talking about, but I will provide info for both.

NJ: New Jersey Transit 507 to Atlantic City, then 551 to Philadelphia. Costs $19.60. It's a premium bus.

MD: Greyhound Lines 428 to Salisbury, 420 to Wilmington, 122 to Philadelphia. Coasts $25.00.
3. Kevy
Only thing different I would recommend is the train from AC to 30th street station in phila. Which costs only $10. The question called for train service so he is not going to want to pay MORE than $10 to get on a 551, unless the schedule lines up better for a bus (you'd have to JUST miss the train for bus to be worthwhile) or he insists to go to 10th/Filbert rather than 30th.

The bus accepts rail tickets so take advantage of that discount from Ac to phila by buying a rail ticket for $10 at the train station even if you end up taking the bus instead.

In AC, the bus to train connection is a several block walk or jitney ride. The bus runs half hourly and the train RNs only once every 95 min or so, but the train is way faster and more comfortable, and not to mention cheaper.
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