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What's the best place to live outside LA with easy public transportation into it?

I can't afford to live in LA but will be working there. Best place to live outside of it with access to public transportation? I have no car

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1. maliboo_girl
If you work in LA, you want to live in LA, as close to work as possible. Living outside of LA is likely not to be much cheaper (in OK neighborhoods) once you add in time, stress, and paying for public transportation. The only exception might be if you are buying a home, but you'd really have to think if it's worth it. Everyone I know who has tried the live in Lancaster/Palmdale, work in LA scenario, because they wanted to be able to buy a home, has burned out. Even if they had van pools/direct buses to work, like JPL and UCLA, they ended up moving closer to work. Many people would probably find it more comfortable overall to rent a single apartment in Glendale for $800, then a 1 bedroom in Palmdale for $600. With a long commute your life ends up being work and home, hard to have a social life. Commuting is tiring. (While Palmdale/Lancaster are in LA County, they're just so far out that most people don't really consider them LA.)

If you can't afford to live in LA, chances are very high that you really can't afford to live near enough to work in LA. There are areas around LA that tend to be a bit less expensive, maybe if you post the specific area of LA you'll be working, posters can give you some ideas of where to look for an apartment.

Good luck!
2. Capt. Obvious
The problem here is that you're thinking that LA is like the area where you currently live: Central City, with suburbs located outside the cty, just a short ride away. Unfortunately, LA doesn't fit that definition. There is no central area. Instead, it's one solid block of urban and suburban cities, with no space between, for about 100 miles in every direction. So there is NO "outside".

Lancaster and Palmdale are "outside" (about 80 miles or so), but "easy" is not the word I'd use. Sure, you have Metrolink, but you're talking 2 hours by train from Lancaster, just to get to Union Station. If you work on the west side, you have another 60-90 minutes of subways and bus rides to get to work.
3. ?
Glendale, Burbank
4. Mad Dog
Thousand Oaks - Simi Valley - San Fernando.
5. West of Encino
Lancaster or Palmdale... Lots of people live there and commute via the train.
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