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Traveling to Dublin, Ireland and want to know what the best mode of transportation should be?

(June 25-30) and our hotel is in Dublin.

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1. pimlicoboi
If you mean how will you get around the city, then definitely use public transport as driving in Dublin is a nightmare. Dublin city centre itself is fairly compact and most of the major sights are within walking distance. If you want to take in some of the countryside you could rent a car for the day or take the Dart (a train that operates along the coast of Dublin) to the many scenic coastal towns along Dublin Bay.or just do a day trip from dublin using a tour company. (,

Have a geat time and I hope the weather is as good then as it is now, everything in Dublin looks better in the sunshine.

Have a great time in Dublin
2. thatslife2
For the best part of your holiday you will probably be walking if your in the city itself, if you want to head out to the beaches which are not far at all your best off buying a bus and train ticket for the day! Check them out you might want to consider a 3 day pass instead, but you won't be able to tell yet you'll just have to wait until you get here & see what the weather is the moment its beautiful! We also have a Tram its called the Luas that operates around Dublin City, but it also goes through the outskirts of Dublin also... Hope you have a great time when you come over, I don't think you'l be disapointed as the people are really friendly too! :-)
3. Orla C
Much easier to use public transport in Dublin city, or simply walk. You can fly in to Dublin airport and get the shuttle bus to your hotel.
4. bella234
completely depends where in the dublin you're going...
in the city theres "dublin bus" which goes all over the city so that will probly be ur best bet.
there the luas (2 trams lines) but cos theres only 2 lines it light not suit you
theres the dart (train that goes near the coast from north to the south or the city through the city centre)

if you want to go outside the city theres trains - from heuston / connolly station
and buses mostly from the bus depot - busaras

to get from the airport to the city centre theres 2 buses
aircoach - which goes to the main hotels
airlink - i think that just goes to busaras in the centre

hope that helps enjoy your trip

heres some links with routes etc
5. frampy_91
Depends on where you live!
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