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Transportation options from Peoria, IL to Cleveland, OH?

In the fall im going to school in Peoria and my boyfriend is going to school in cleveland. We are going to be 8 hours away and the only time i would see him is during christmas and thanksgiving break. So does anyone know of any trains of buses that travel from peoria to cleveland?

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1. Penny
Sorry darling, but, let's face the facts....why worry about it, your relationship will not last that long so no need to be concerned as to how your gonna see each other.
How about if you both get a car and meet half way! If you are from Cleveland area and will be home for the holidays, you can see him at this time.
Oh wait a moment--what type of "school" are you talking about? You both still in high school or are we talking about college? It does make a difference? I assume college? Which college are both of you attending?
As the person answered previously, we are not the walking/talking bus & train, you have a few months in which to figure out how this is going to work... I would start looking into it if I were you!
Good luck.
2. Shakah
Do we look like a walking greyhound or amtrack schedule to you? Go to their website and find out how to get to point A to point B. Don't know how to get to the station? Google up how to get there by public transportation or call a taxi cab company to drop you off. Hell you can ask one of your friends or kin folks to do it. I always have to do it when I'm traveling.
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