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Transportation Midway to Chicago, IL?

What is the best way to get from the midway airport to downtown chicago, IL ? I researched that taxis can cost from $30-40 and was looking for a cheaper alternative route, maybe using the rail system. Any help/ advice will help. thank you!

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1. Richard
The CTA Orange Line "L" train runs from Midway Airport to downtown Chicago.

Once you get to the baggage claim area at the airport, look for the signs to the Orange Line.

Fare is $2.25, and it will take about 25 minutes to get to the Loop. There are ticket dispensing machines and attendants who can help you at the station.
2. Nick - Sox, Bears, Hawks, Bulls
The CTA orange line goes to Midway, you'll see a sign in the airport reading ORANGE LINE TO CITY just get on the line going towards the loop you won't be able to board on the other side since it's the terminis of the line. So get on a loop bound orange line train and take it to wherever in the loop you need to go, if you could provide an address of where you need to go I could tell you or someone here could tell you if you need to transfer to another line or where you need to get off at. The orange line comes into the loop on the southeast corner orange line trains operate around the Loop 'L' clockwise on the Inner track via Van Buren ,Wells,Lake, Wabash serving all Loop stations before returning to Midway.

If you need to transfer to the red or blue line which run underground you can do so at the Roosevelt/Wabash stop for the red line, also you will able to transfer to the green line at this stop on the same platform, to transfer to the red line you have to go through a tunnel. You can transfer to the blue line at the Clark/Lake stop, yet another stop you can transfer to either the red or blue line at is the Library stop at Van Buren and State. You can also transfer to the brown, green, pink and during rush hour purple line at the Clark/Lake stop and all the lines except the green at the Library stop, the green line don't run on that part of the loop.
3. MomSezNo
I think the orange line goes from Midway to Downtown. Go to the MDW website and click on "ground transportation" for info.
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