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Transportation in Hawaii?

Hello, we are going on our honeymoon in 2 weeks and we are still planning what to do in Honolulu. Can anyone tell me which buses we need to take to get from waikiki (Hilton Hawaiian Village) to Pearl Harbor and from Pearl Harbor to the Dole plantation and from the Dole Plantation back to Waikiki. We are only there...

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1. Just Jess
Well...I had a book somewhere that had the bus schedules for several destinations on O'ahu, but I can't seem to find it right now.

What I can tell you is to vist to find schedules and information on the bus. You can also call (808) 848-4500, which is the customer service number if you have questions on what route to take. They are very helpful and will get you to where you want to go on one transfer. (I've used it before).

I'd suggest purchasing a 4 day bus pass ($20) rather than paying per ride. Most likely you'll take the bus more than 10 times so you'll come out ahead with the pass.

You will want to get to the Pearl Harbor Memorial about an hour prior to opening so you can get out to the memorial on the first or second boat. We were so glad we did this - by the time we got back to the visitor's center the wait to for a boat out to the memorial was 3 hours (we were on the first boat) and the park had only been open an hour or so.

If you can, you may want to do the memorial and the Flea Market on Wed. The stadium where the flea market (called the Aloha Swapmeet) is just down the road from the visitor's center. The memorial will only take you about 2 hours, and the swapmeet can be done in just a few hours depending on how much of a shopper you are.

You won't be able to get from Pearl Harbor to the Dole Plantation in an hour by bus. Really, there isn't anything you can do at the plantation that you don't have to pay for. I wasn't that impressed by the platation and I did the maze, the garden tour and the train tour.

I'd scrap the submarine ride (not a real submarine, just a boat with underwater seating) and Germaine's Luau and instead spend the money (and the day) at the Polynesian Culutral Center. From what I've heard, PCC offers a great laua and show, as well as having 7 polynesian villages. You can choose from several packages, with some offering private or small tours. I spent 2 months in Oahu and regretted not going. I can't wait to go back because PCC is on the top of my list of things to do.

For snorkeling, don't go with a tour company. You can take the bus out to Hanauma Bay and rent a dry snorkel, mask and fins there for $9/person. Most tour companies charge at least $14 (plus the $5 entrance fee) and you're only there for 4 hours. If you go on your own you can stay as long as you'd like. Make sure to bring snacks and water with you as they don't sell any on the beach. You may aslo want to bring a little money with you and pay to take the tram back up to the parking lot after snorkeling. The hill down to the beach is a killer!

Make time to just stroll along Kalakaua Ave in the evenings. There's so much going on-street performers, artists, shops. It's a great place to just hang out and people watch. Some nights there's an amazing balloon artist who makes balloon animals, hats, hula girls, and more for donations so he can keep his kids in private school. He was a huge hit with my frined's kids and I'll admit, the kid in me was impressed too.

Pick up a O'ahu This Week for cupons, events, resturant listings and other information. They're free and can be found at any ABC store and all over Honolulu and Waikiki.

Congratulations on your marriage and have fun!
2. Paris Hilton
A lot of what was said is absolutely correct...
1. The time for Pearl is way too long even if there are lines. It is say 45 minutes from downtown...hope you have shortish lines..
2. You can not get from Pearl To Dole in an hour...But do the maze thing at the James Drummund Dole Plantation everyone seems to like it. It's supposedly the largest in the world or something..
3. The submarine thing is absolutely real and reaches a depth of 117 feet..It is (or at least was) the largest non-military submarine in the you get great pictures of the entire coast line on your way out and in to the shore..
4. switch the snorkeling and diamond head around...I don't think you are giving yourself quite enough time for that..I think the tour thing goes out beyond diamond head also, so you need to add more time there...
5. I , personally, would ditch the flea market and go to the North Shore that day...
I think you will have a blast on this trip...
Oh on the buses, don't worry about that until you get there...then just ask the people at the front desk...they do this all day long for thousands of people a week..
3. Mitchy
I think you have most of the main things on your schedule already. I don't think you will need 7 hours at the flea market though, a couple of hours will be plenty. And if you get to Pearl Harbor early you will pnly need 2-3 hours at the most. If you have extra time on Tuesday you should check out the North Shore. The Dole Plantation is up towards there anyway, so if you just continue going up you could check out Haleiwa. It is a cool little surf town with lots of interesting shops and restaurants. You might even be able to see some of the North Shore's famous huge waves.
For snorkeling I suggest Hanauma Bay. You can catch a shuttle from Waikiki over to the bay.
Don't forget to spend some time just relaxing. Sit on the beach, bury your feet in the sand and just enjoy being in Hawaii. Have a great time!
4. island gurl
Well you are smart for not renting a car, parking is IMPOSSIBLE in waikiki. there is a wonderfull bus system on Oahu so you can catch the bus to go just about anywhere. And since you are going to be riding it so much it might come out cheaper to purchase a bus pass you can ask your bus driver about that (plus it makes a great suvenir to take home with you). However you might want to check out a tour bus they are great for touring the Island with out having to woory about what bus to take next and all that. I have one tip for you on your vacation dont try to do everything plan time to just spend the afternoon in leisure and swim at your hotel pool and hang out at the beach trust me if you dont spend some time doing that it will not feel much like a vacation you will be exhausted when you get back home. I know you wont need all that time at the flea market its not that big you can go there from mabey 8-11 and then head back to your hotel to have lunch by the pool and relax. Then you can go to the downtown shops at 4 you have to go to the international market place in Waikiki it is really cool and the mall downtown is really good too. Also if you like to party you have to check out DAVE and BUSTER's that place is great its three storys high, they have an arcade and a bar and lots of bands play at their roof top bar. it is located at the Ward center there is a spahgetti place under it and it is right beside a movie theater. also check out Hilo Haties the store of Hawaii you will find lots of neat stuff there, that is downtown. Also when you go snorkleing you should try snorkle bob's snorkle rental it is located in Waikiki it is the only place where the mask does not leak and the fins do not hurt your feet if you want to have fun while you are snorkeling you should definatly rent from there. I hope you have the most relxing and memerable vacation of your life :) (SOORY ITS SO LONG)
-Island girl
5. big808ballin
I envy you guys!! JK, congrats and you'll enjoy the trip.

The website for The Bus is There you can find bus schedules and times. Also check with your hotel leisure desk. You may be able to hop on one of the many trolleys and get there directly. Traffic is a beast during rush hour, so if you're heading out of Waikiki, its not bad unless you're heading North or West after about 330, 4pm.

A few pointers....don't buy souvenirs in Waikiki. If you're going to the Swap Meet (Flea Market at the Stadium), you can find everything you want and need there for alot less. On Thursday when you're snorkeling and the sub ride....keep an eye out for humpback whales. They're the most amazing creatures out there. If you head down by Sandy Beach, you're almost guaranteed to see one. Germaine's Luau is soooooo much fun, especially if you have a fun guide on the bus ride there. Also, generally 9 days after a full moon, the beaches are invaded by box jellyfish. THEY WILL RUIN A HONEYMOON!! Double check to make sure your beach days don't coincide with their invasion.
This may sound a little ghetto...but if you have an hour to a time share seminar...even if you're not interested in purchasing. They normally give an activities coupon good for great events...FOR FREE..or at reduced cost. I used mine and went parasailing ;)!!
Have fun and don't hesitate to hit me back for more info.
6. bob
snorkeling check out hanauma bay, its in hawai'i kai i dont know the bus you need to take all i know is its bus 12 or 24 i forget to waimanalo and then 56 or 57 depends on which one is doing the runs to kailua. but thats irrelavent.

anyways bob didnt know tourist go to dole plantation, bob thought they closed down already, maybe not. what would you do at a pineapple plantation anyways. probobly just those dole assholes brain washing tourist and turning them against the hawaiians. eh bobs not hawaiian what does bob care.
7. compaq presario
Looking at your itinerary, you'll be fine catching TheBus and walking. Lots of traffic on O'ahu, so public transportation and walking is better; plus you'll get a chance to observe loads more! For routes and other information, simply go to TheBus website: Hope this helps. Have fun!
8. kwinanamale
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