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Transportation from South NJ to JFK?

I have posted something like this before,but with very little luck.Im traveling from South NJ to JFK and i dont have a ride.My father would drive me,but his not speaking English and never been to NY would not help me heh.I really want to find door to door service,i have found sedans,but thats so much money.Im very...

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1. Joe Finkle
From all the way down there, it'll be VERY expensive. You can try carmel, 212-666-6666 or tel aviv, 212-777-7777. If they won't take you, they'll probably know who will. Also, try using google maps to find a cab company in your neighborhood.

If possible, next time fly from EWR. Its much closer to you. You probably already knew that though.
2. skokiesam
It really depends on WHERE in South Jersey you're coming from. Cherry Hill? Deptford? Gloucester City? The Shore? Cape May? Door to door is going to be expensive. The cheapest bet would be to take NJ Transit.

It really isn't that hard. If you can get to the Trenton stop, you can take the Northeast Corridor line to NY-Penn station (or check NJ Transit for the most southernmost stop you can get on). You ride that straight through to NYC. When you're at the Penn Station, you can take either the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) or a subway to Jamaica, Queens. You can then take the JFK AirTrain to the airport (very quick ride).

It's cheap, easy to figure out if you plan well. It's either that, or you shell out the money for door to door. You won't be able to get around it; car service is expensive!

Here's the AirTrain info:
3. iceman
Well this is hard to answer because it really depends where in Jersey.

If you are close enough to get a ride or taxi to Nj tranist line, then you can take that right into Manhattan. From there, consult the subway line to get out to JFK. Ussualy the E- works the best. It will take you right out to Jamaica station which hooks up with the air-train to take you to your terminals.

This could take a long, long time. So make sure to leave alot of extra time.
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