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Transportation from PA to Columbus, OH?

Is there a bus or train I can take from Pennsylvania to Ohio, that would be cheaper then flying?

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1. dustin
You can catch a Greyhound bus in Harrisburg, PA and get to Columbus, OH for $87.55 (Non-refundable fare) up to $116.00 (Refundable fare) – less if you are a senior citizen, AAA member, military personnel or student. The 409 mile trip will take 8 or 9 hours each way depending on when you leave according to Greyhound.

Good luck and safe travels!
2. travelmaster
it will help a lot if you mention what city in Pennsylvania
you are departing from last time i check
Pennsylvania is the state not the city...
3. Tom C
There's no rail service on that route. You can try Greyhound.
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