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Transportation from Kansas City to Springfield, MO - Cheap options?

My husband and need one-way transportation from Kansas City, MO (airport) to Springfield, MO. We are both (just!) under 25 and it is very expensive to rent a car. Any other less expensive options? Help needed!

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1. Kryp2knight
See if Amtrak runs that route. If not the absolute cheapest way would be the Greyhound Bus.
2. southrntrnzplnt
One way on US Air is $49 before taxes to Joplin, MO which is only 72 miles from Springfield. It's a non-stop 45 min flight. OR you can take Mesa airlines to Harrison, Arkansas for $79 before taxes, and again, Harrison is about the same distance from Springfield. If you rent a car one way you have to pay for the drop off fee, that is why it is higher.

Flying from MCI to SGF (KC to Springfield) will involve a connection or two and will take longer than it would to drive.
3. redfernkitty
You don't have a car? (yes, it is very expensive to rent a car when you are under 25). Driving is the best way to go.

Try the bus...since it's such a short shouldn't be too miserable. It'd probably be under $100 for both of you.
4. jbb1200
go to Craigslist (KC) and post there that you need a ride to Springfield and how much you can afford to pay.
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