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Taxi costs berkeley CA to san francisco?

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1. Cranky Yankee
What part of Berkeley to what part of San Francisco? And don't forget the toll on the Bay Bridge. Pretty vague question, though.
2. SFdude
Fares are $3.10 minimum. Then 45 cents for each additional 1/5th of a mile and minute of delay. The distance from the Transamerica Tower to UC Berkeley is around 13 miles.

So, you're looking at around $30 - $40 depending on where you're going in San Francisco, traffic jams, and so forth.


Personally, I'd take the subway. Fares from Berkeley to Downtown San Francisco are only $3.40. And during rush hour, it is often faster than a cab.


AC Transit does offer bus service from Berkeley to San Francisco for $3.50. Use line F, G, H, FS, or 800. It is a little slow. But obviously, there are no rogue BART cops on the bus.

There used to be a free shuttle between UC Berkeley and the UC Medical Center in San Francisco. But they discontinued the service a few years ago because nobody used it (doctors tend to have cars).
3. signman_03743
Why are you asking here? PIck up the phone and call a cab company in Berkeley and ask THEM!
4. mainman
take the bart anyway. it is safe, clean, fast , and cheap
5. Princess ♥
About $200.00
6. ?
alot of money

answer my question too
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