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Route from San Jose CA to Seattle WA by public transportation?

Bus schedules and stops all the way to seattle?

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1. SumDude
maybe someday somebody will invent something called the internet, and google.

www.greyhound.... also check out www.amtrak

Warning: it is cold and wet up here, and unemployment is at 10%, yet they are talking about raising the sales tax rate.
2. Jennifer B
If you are talking about local public transport, I'm not sure if it's possible.

I know you can do local buses from Seattle down to Portland (or going the other direction), and have found connections from Portland to Salem. From there I'm not finding much that connects south. But what is normally a 3 hour trip in a private car or train will take at least twice that long and maybe more depending on the connections.

The way to search for it is to look for the transit system for a somewhat larger town/city, and then look in their schedules for a "county connector", "express" or "inter-city" bus.

Amtrak and Greyhound are both more direct, and will cost you about $125 one way. Depending on when you need to come up here, you may be able to get a one way ticket on Southwest for about that cost, and be here in 2 hours instead of 24....
3. MomSezNo
Don't know whether Amtrak goes all the way to Seattle, but I'd certainly check into it if I had to make that trip - much better than a bus!!

And, as someone else said, you're very lucky that this info is very easily found by using the Internet. Both Greyhound and Amtrak have websites.
4. Lisa A
Yeah, Amtrak. It will plop you right smack in downtown Seattle. At 9:00 at night. So have arrangements made to your final destination before you get there. You don't want to be wandering around.

And be aware, this is a 24 hour trip. But it is the least miserable way to travel, if you are not going to fly.
5. ?

Type in your location, where you are going, then hit "get directions" Then choose the little bus logo above the get directions part. It will use public transit to get you there.
6. travelmaster
amtrak is your best bet it goes direct
yes you could use local transit i think as far as fr bragg or yreka
but getting to orgeon is another matter
7. Hugo90
Amtrak is direct, or fly. Flying is not that expensive and doesn't take very long.
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