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Public transportation from Indianapolis to Champaign Illinois?

Trying to get to champaign from Indianapolis and all I can find is a Greyhound bus with a transfer in Chicago lengthening what should be a 2 hour ride into 8 hours. Are there any other options?

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1. Crazy Harry
Better check Greyhound again or call them if you can't find it online because I just looked it up and found several over a several day period for a direct route from IND to Champaign. Cost $28.00 The Lincolnland Express cost was $197. For 200 bucks I would drive you over there!
2. Emily M
Lincolnland Express runs from Champaign to the Indy Airport. Probably runs in the other direction too.
3. jonathan st.thomas
contact the people of burlington trailsway at

you could also go to their home page at

for information on public transportation in champaign,IL go to
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