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Public transportation between Portland OR and Vancouver BC?

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1. Pichi
Easiest and best (as well as about the cheapest), is Amtrak. We take this frequently. It is also the most comfortable and scenic.

It is true that from Portland to Seattle is train and Seattle to Vancouver is bus, but it's all paid through Amtrak, Amtrak charters the bus, and they are nice busses.

There is one train a day both ways that goes to Vancouver, B.C. but the connections aren't well thought out, and most of the time when you book on Amtrak between Portland and Vancouver, you will be routed on the bus from seattle on.

Another note ... book on the Amtrak Cascades, not the Coast Starlight ... the latter is seldom on time and is generally much more crowded.
P.S. .. Amtrak Cascades Originates in Eugene, OR and goes to Vancouver, B.C. ... entire route is 12 hours and costs about $110 U,S, Round Trip ... just FYI
2. minijumbofly
The Amtrak wiill only carry you in between Portland and Seattle. The Seattle and Vancouver part is by bus only.
The other option is to ride the Greyhound all the way with a few stops in between.
The Alaskan Airline operates the Horizon shuttles between the two airports and there are flights leaving everyhour during the day.
Last but not least, read the classified travel sections in the newspapers or local ads. Sometimes, people look for riders to share expenses while driving between the 2 cities.
3. Don B
if public transportation means the least expensive you can get a bus from Portland to Seatac Airport and then a bus from Seatac to Vancouver.
4. fatsausage
5. audiA4isawesome
Amtrak is quick and reasonable.
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