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Options for transportation from Chicago O'Hare airport to Waukegan IL?

My husband is graduating navy bootcamp in march and I am flying out from California to visit him. I am not old enough to rent a car, and am looking for other transportation options. Anyone have any ideas from experience?

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1. tichur
There is no cheap, fast and easy way to get to Great Lakes from O"Hare. You can do it on public transportation by taking a CTA train from ORD, later transferring to a CTA bus that will take you to the METRA station and then going to North Chicago on a METRA train.

Below is the best site to find public transportation routes. From the pull down menu in the START area find O'Hare Airport. Enter "Great Lakes Metra" in the end section. This trip will be only $8.00 but will take about 2 hrs, 20 min:

A faster but more expensive way ($35.00) to get there is by a shared shuttle van. It will deliver you to your hotel near Great Lakes or to the base. Great Lakes Training Center is listed in the pull down menu. Nearby hotels are in North Chicago, Waukegan or Gurnee:

A taxi ride will cost $43.00 according to the following cab site. This is a flat rate fare and the taxi has to be ordered. It will pick you up near your airline's baggage pick-up area:

* Great Lakes Training Center is not in Waukegan. It is in North Chicago which is north of Waukegan and not part of Chicago.
2. eBobIllinois
I think that the best way would be to get a cab or limo. It can be done on public transit, but it is difficult and time-consuming.
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