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Need transportation info for Kansas City, Mo (Arrowhead Stadium)?

We are going to our first NFL game at Arrowhead Stadium & are thinking about parking in a Walmart parking lot & catching a cab to the stadium. What would be the nearest Walmart (address please) & who is the most reasonable priced cab company? Thank you lots! Any other tips are welcome:)

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1. kugirl79
Arrow Stage Lines provides shuttle service to the Chiefs games from multiple locations in the Kansas City area. You DO have to make reservations and it does have a fee. Here is the website where you can make reservations:
I don't see a way around not paying. Arrowhead is located in an odd area with not much around it. You will either have to pay to park, to use the shuttle bus or take a cab. It's a real downside to the location. However, you will enjoy's the best stadium in the country! Good luck!
2. TwoDots
There is only one shuttle service to Arrowhead since the JO and the KCTA no longer provide service. On a walkup basis, it is $20 per person or $17.50 in advance with a reservation!!! It is $25 to park the car in the stadium lot, or you can park across the street at the church.... or stay at the Adam's Mark or other nearby stadium hotel. You will find everything at the stadium expensive although they have ATM machines. If you've never been, then it will be a great experience for you..... make sure you get there early to view and smell all of the tailgating. The prices inside are 1/2 of the reason for tailgating in such style as we Chiefs fans do. We had tickets for 20 years.
3. Ol' Red Eyes
The Walmart closest to Arrowhead Stadium is:

Wal-Mart Supercenter Store #4553
11601 East Us 40 Highway
Kansas City, MO 64133
(816) 313-1183

I can't recommend any cab companies, as I have never used a cab a single time in Kansas City.
4. .-.
you can park at the Holiday inn across the street without much trouble i have done it several times but don't park at the taco bell they will tow you
5. Jake
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