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Is Voc. Rehab. supposed to help you with transportation for employment?

My Voc. Rehab. counselor is giving me trouble. I can't find a job because of transportation issues, & the jobs I'm able to do are either on the service roads of the high way or on the outskirts of the city. & the city buses don't have any stops there. I'm here in Denton. TX. Near Dallas. USA. When I was living in...

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they do help arrange transportation--but that can mean a lot of things--

for instance--if you need a wheelchair accessible vehicle they will help you pay for teh cost of teh modification

they shoudl help you sign up for paratransist

there is a possibility they will help with a bus pass--you may be eligible for a reduced fare
2. latj
My Son is in Voc Rehab right now and he does get transportation. It is your counselors job to get you the paperwork to apply for transportation. Sometimes counselors don't like to mess with the extra paperwork or just get caught up in other things and forget. My Son does have transportation and I know that is part of the Voc. Rehab. If your counselor won't help you, ask to speak from someone from management.
Peace & Love :)
3. starfishblues
I don't know either unfortunately. My Voc Rehab doesn't help with transportation, but I think that could be because my counselor is kind of weird and doesn't want to bother. I think in theory, it can help you with transportation. Your best bet would be to talk to your counselor's supervisor and tell him or her exactly what you need and just ask whether or not it is something that they can help you with. Good luck.
4. Dayle
My foster daughter's went through Voc Rehab, she was assigned a Job Coach who helped us fill out the necessary paperwork for transportation.
5. Sweetharttt
They didn't pay anything towards transportation for me.
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