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Is there taxies subways buses in LA?

i wanna know if i wanna go visit LA how could i go to visit places such as hollywood, downtown, santa monica and more...

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1. ?
Yes.Downtown, Hollywood and Santa Monica are the best locations for buses.

There is the Red Line Subway that can take you from Hollywood to Downtown LA.

(This is the only subway LA has because the land that LA sits on top of can not support a subway because were basically on top of a sandbox. That is why we dont have that many high rises and a subway system.)

To get to Santa Monica you would just have to take a bus from Hollywood to Santa Monica which is about a 45 minute ride. Take the RAPID, its a bus that skips some stops and gets you there faster.

Taxis , yes they're taxis but the bus costs $1.50 each way so it might be cheaper.

The best thing to do is start in Hollywood take the bus to Downtown (Union Station and last stop) and then when your back in Hollywood, take a bus from Hollywood to Santa Monica. Santa Monica has it's own transit system. You can even stop by Beverly Hills on your way to Santa Monica.
2. Star
We have all that. Look up the web site listed below for information. Also, in Santa Monica there is the Big Blue Bus line. See the second source.

Taxis all over the place. They are expensive as all get out.
3. Dresden Rose
Yes, there are taxi cabs, public buses and a subway system.

Here's the website for the L.A. bus and subway system.

You'll find that renting a car is the easiest and most convenient way for a visitor to the city to get around.
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