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Is there a trucking company in NASHVILLE TN that pays for training in the Nashville are?

What I am asking is something that only a trucker from Tennessee may be able to answer. Does anyone know of a trucking company that helps or should I say sponsor your CDL training in the state of Tennessee near the Nashville area or 60 miles from Nashville going either direction. I went through drivers solutions...

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Your first mistake was going through Drivers Solutions :).....

If you deal directly with the company, they will pay for your transportation, lodging and in many cases, meals, while you are in training.

Swift has a school in TN, but I think it's Memphis. Schneider also has a school near TN. Both of them will give you a bus ticket to the training facility and give you room & board. (And if things dont work out, they will typically give you a bus ticket home). I know Schneider's training program lasts about 3 weeks. Not sure about Swift. Everything is free, provided you stay with the company for 1 year or so.

CR England also pays for driver training, but their training program is all the way in Utah. Still, they DO pay for your transportation there, and give you room and board.

I know of no company based in Nashville that has its own training school, but you may be able to apply for student loans or grants to attend a private truck driving school. Check for any community colleges or vo-tech schools in your area that offer commercial vehicle training, and find out what financial aid they offer. Good luck.
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