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Is there a taxi service at the Indianapolis Airport that could drive all the way to Purdue University?

Is there a taxi that could take me all the way to the Purdue campus or would I really have to rent a car or something? My parents won't be coming with me with their car so I'm basically flying in there alone with no car. But then I also wouldn't be able to really rent a car to take there because I...

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1. Erin R
A taxi for that distance you should just rent a car...
But what I have done in the past is schedule a shuttle to take me. They end up taking however many fit in the van and have stops along the way to the farthest route. Call around, see if a shuttle will take you, and how much it will cost.
2. Christine H
That would be WAY expensive!!! That's too far.

It would be cheaper by far to just rent a limo...

also- you'll have plenty of room then for all your stuff.

also- I take it you are under 25- and if you rent a car under 25- you have pay extra money for the insurance anyway.. and you don't know where you are going - and all the traffic and dealing with parking on campus and all the stress... tell your parents that- I'm sure they'd rather shell out the $100 it will be for a town car or something. (doesn't HAVE to be a limo- just a rented driver and car)
3. granny
Your best bet might be rent a limo because you rent them by the hour at about $75 a hour. They also might have some shuttle services with a van but its is about 1 1/2 hour ride to Lafayette. If you know anyone from Purdue on campus they might pick you up. Also call the campus and ask for suggestions, I sure you are not the only one to do this.
4. judithdh1
i am sure you can talk to the cab drivers that wait there in line and see if you can contract them to take you there.

As always, i am sure they will for a price.
5. chazz
yes, i think there is.
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