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Is it possible to have a motorcycle as your only method of transportation?

i only ask because i own a yamaha r6 and a shelby GT however over the weekend i totaled the shelby. i rode the bike around mostly anyway except when the weather was bad. I am really enjoying the thought of not making a monthly payment for a car anymore that i barely use but realistically is it possible to only...

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1. jon
Yep...I'm living proof.

Shopping is a pain in the butt, and rain sucks, but its not that bad overall.
2. Jake
How often was the weather bad and how bad?

You obviously like riding the bike enough and don't mind it. So the answer is yes. But if it snows there or gets REALLY bad weather, it's going to be a no. But then just buy a cheap beater car to drive in those conditions.
3. Firecracker .
Decent saddlebags and a couple bungies do me well carrying a weeks worth of groceries.
The bungies are for the 50# sack of dog food across the passenger seat.
4. Dan H
Of course it is. Depends a bit on where you live. Wouldn't be much fun if you live in Portland, ME, but possible in Portland, OR.

Many people live quite well without any kind of personal motorized transportation.
5. Been There, Done That.
The only time you have problems is in a driving rain, high winds, hail, snow, or OTHER serious storms and hurricanes.
6. ?
i live in the uk and we have good weather for 4 months.... the rest is sleet, hail, snow and harsh wind

but i do absolutely fine
7. Rockstar77 ▐▄▄♬▄▄▌
Of course it can be done, lots of people including myself manage to do it.
8. ?
did it for years,but I ride a chopper with saddlebags.
9. guardrailjim
Very possible.
10. blackdragon
Yeah if you feel comfortable doing so.
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