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Is BART a safe mode of transportation around the Bay Area?

Or is there crime problems?

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1. RJ
Overall BART is a safe mode of transportation in the Bay Area. The media has been playing up the hype, as usual, but still peoples' emotions are very raw. I don't feel sympathy for the cop who recently shot the guy but at the same time there is so much more to the story that the general public does not know.

I'm actually riding BART tomorrow and was thinking last night, a bit worried. Personally I don't think the rioters will do anything to riders or people who drive the BART trains; it seems like the rioters/protesters are more upset with BART officials not acting sooner to investigate the shooting. I've lived in the Bay Area for 27 years and remember when BART first opened- I've yet to see anything that crazy happen on a train, compared to videos I've seen of subway systems in other large cities. Generally it's quiet unless if there are younger children or teenagers on board. I've seen some odd looking people but they just made for enjoyable entertainment (people with large colored haired looking they are going to a rave or some underground party). Some of the areas that stations are in are surrounded by crime, Frutivale being one. My stop tomorrow is one just before that so it'll be interesting to see what's going. Anyway, if you're coming to the Bay Area, go on BART. We have to remember the main concern of BARTS is keeping their passengers safe and the recent shooting just shows that unitelligable people do make it through the cracks of law enforcement, as that is with any other profession.
2. The Bride Beatrix
I used to ride BART every day to work in SF when I lived in Oakland. Just mind the time (avoid riding alone late at night, since waiting alone on the platform can be creepy) and you'll find it much more reliable than the bus.
3. Erb
bart is good, just keep to yourself. Sometimes you might get the bart police that hop on inbetween stops. So make sure you have your ticket handy. Bart and Muni are awesome.
4. Experto Credo
With the exception of a fatal shooting recently by the BART police, it is very safe to use
5. ............!
There was one major killing about a week ago. But other than that, BART is totally safe. I don't really like it though
6. miguel
Bart is okay no need to worry. Even thought there was many protestors breaking stuff all over oakland. Be careful...
7. Azzz doggg
It is perfectly safe. I know there was a major incident recently, but think of how many people get killed in car crashes EVERY DAY. You are much safer on a train than on the freeway.
8. Lalapunk
It is the safest and most convenient way to get around the Bay Area.
9. Im Finna Ax Somebody
Well, there have been riots regarding BART lately, so no. It might become more safe in the near future, but will be more of a hassle than driving will be, so I say just stick with Amtrak or just drive.
10. Matt Y
Only 1 major one was the killing of the guy.

In all, it's safe.
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