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I am seeking a mode of transportation between the San Jose, CA, International Airport and SFO.?

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1. sdatary
If you are looking for a mass transit option, here's the one that's probably the quickest:

- Board the #10 VTA Airport Flyer bus (the one that is headed toward Santa Clara Caltrain) - this is a free shuttle that runs every 20-30 minutes.
- Once at Santa Clara Caltrain, board a northbound Caltrain - get off at the Millbrae station (fare is $5.25)
- Walk across the platform to the BART station, board any BART train and ride it 1 stop to the San Francisco Airport station (fare is $1.50)

Depending on what time you leave San Jose, the entire trip will take you between 2-3 hours. To get a better idea on the travel time, go to and plug in SJC, SFO, and the day/time you are looking at going.

Other options include:
- Car Rental - If you rent a car at San Jose, you can usually return it the same day at San Francisco. The drive takes about 40 minutes when there is no traffic (plan about double that during the morning an evening commutes). If you book in advance and shop around, you can usually find a car for about $20-$30 per day. You'll have to factor in about an hour's worth of extra time spent picking up an dropping off the car (and getting to and from the rental counters).

- Airport shuttle - You will probably end up paying about $40-$60 per person, and may need an advanced reservation. Here's a few companies that operate at both airports:
1 stop shuttle -
A list of smaller companies provided by SJC -

- Taxi (most expensive) - You can grab a cab at San Jose airport and have them take you to SFO. You're probably looking at around $75-$100 for the ride, possibly a bit more. If you're splitting the fare between a few people, or in a big hurry, this might be an option.
2. houstonjln
I don't know where you are going to in San Jose, California, but you can use this website to find out what bus/train to take to get there.

Just a simple note:
On the depature field, I would recommend making it 30-45 minutes after you plane is scheduled to arrive due to the fact of trying to find the bus stop after you get your luggage from baggage claim.
3. thatguywitty
How long are you going to be gone? I just had to do that commute, I drove myself, was gone for 5 days and paid $45 or so to park my car at Fox Car rentals. Short shuttle from the lot to the airport, very convenient. They have coupons online. Email me, I will take you for a short fee as well.
4. bbosun
take a cab to the Fremont BART station and jump on the train that takes you to SFO.

or you can just cab over the whole way.
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