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How is public transportation in Kansas City MO.? Is it all busses, do they run late and go everywhere?

Is it expensive? Is it safe? Is it clean?

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1. Kimo
The public transportation in Kansas City MO is all buses, they have been talking about a light rail but I doubt it will ever happen. if you just stay in say Brookside/Waldo area buses are great and the Maxx runs to around midnight.Most buses are 1.25 and a lot of buses are new. If you are serious visit now and again after the first few months of winter. I hope the Reece and Nichols link helped you .
2. Chloe
I don't know where you are relocating from but KC does not have the best public transportation. I see you asked about houses also. The housing market is much less than some cities, such as San Diego where I now live. There are some wonderful big, older homes in KCMo. There are really nice areas of KCMo and some really bad areas. It is too big of a city to sum it up as either good or bad. I preferred to live on the Kansas side. Overland Park, Shawnee, Praire Village, etc. Kansas City, Kansas also has some older large homes but again some are not in a good area. Personally, I'd be a bit freaked out to use the public transportation, but driving in KC is so much easier than some cities as it has a good highway system. Large and spread out. When you talk about KC - you are really talking about on the KS and the MO side and all the little cities on both sides that make up the metropolitan area of KC. You cross the state line often and don't even notice. All in all, it is a nice city. It has a lot of everything to offer. Arts, good jobs, housing, education. Also has snow and ice, which I don't need. Good luck.
3. Marjorie Astrofsky
Maybe off season, when the fares are lower, you should go there for a week and really check it out for yourself.
If you are considering a move based on pictures and the opinions of strangers, you could be in for a deep shock when you get where you are going and decide you absolutely hate it.

I looked on flickr at pictures of Kansas City.
Noticed there was very little traffic... and NO PEOPLE in most of the pictures. I don't think they were ALL taken at 6am on a Sunday.
You really need to go there and look.
4. Aunt Ida
Why are you even THINKING about this?
You KNOW your partner will NOT leave the west coast.
He hates the winter and you hate the summer.
Try to make it work in Seattle.
We'd miss you... Who would do my hair?
5. .-.
bus , taxi , trolly perhaps light rail in the future all are fairly well priced less than seattle no better or worse than any other city
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