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How is public transportation in Austin, TX?

I'll be moving there soon. I won't have a car when I get there. I plan to work and live near downtown Austin. Want to know if I'll be able to function on public trans the first few months I'm there.

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1. warrior_peasant
Look for a place that is close to a bus stop and one that has a super market a short walk away. The bus drivers are friendly and helpful. Only the very rich live downtown. I would recommend apartments that are close to Burnet Road. They are very safe places to live. If you don't mind living in a high crime areas, you could check the apartments in the East Riverside Drive area which has many very large apt. complexes. There is also a supermarket close though it is a very overcrowded and nasty one.
2. John B
It's good but there's always room for improvement. While the auto still rules the day in most Texas cities, I think you'll find that the Austin downtown area is one of the most accessible by foot and mass transit. Also, "coming soon"... some limited light rail (however, that is going to be mostly connecting the northern suburbs of Leander and Cedar Park with central and downtown Austin).

A car is definitely going to make life easier but I don't think that the first few months will be too tough without it.
3. S. R.
Rent is higher usually the closer to town you get.
Traffic is terrible in the morning and afternoon rush hours.
You most definitely want to live as close as possible to your work in order to save time and frustration.

There are numerous small apartment complexes and rooms to rent in the area bordered by Lamar Blvd , West 5th Street Exposition and Fifteenth Street[also called Enfield Road] and further north from north of the University of Texas to 45th Street. Many of the rooms are advertised in the Daily Texan [the UT newspaper] and many you just have to drive the neighborhoods and see the signs.

I do not use the buses as I have found I can walk to my destination almost as fast. In my opinion the bus systems are made not to work efficiently or effectively, and are in need of much change. The drivers may be nice and helpful it is the overall that has problems.
4. bb
It's great near downtown just don't move to the burbs because the service is much slower the further you get from the capitol.
5. jhharris54
Yes - the bus service is great for the downtown area and reaches out to most of the far suburbs.
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