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How do I use a Taxi Cab, how much does it cost?

I'm from a very rural town in North-East Ohio and I'm very used to driving or being driven anywhere that's outside of walking distance. However, I'm down in Savannah, GA for college now and I'm trying to get 10 miles away to the south side of town to visit a computer repair shop. I...

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1. Pat S
That amount is not really excessive. Cabs aren't cheap, and never have been. Even way back when fares were less than fifty cents a mile, a cab ride took a considerable chunk out of paychecks.

When you call for a cab, some dispatchers will ask you where you're going, others won't. A lot of it depends on the size of the cab fleet. It's not that the dispatchers care where you're going, they just want to know where their cabs will be be so they can plan accordingly for future calls, and provide accurate estimates on when cabs will be available.

But, even if the dispatcher asks for your destination, don't be surprised if the driver doesn't know. They don't always tell them. Simply tell him or her where you want to go. No problems.
2. Victor G
Do you go to emory by any chance? lol Sorry I'm just asking because a friend of mine went down south from new york to school their. And yes they will charge that much, it's pricey but you should also CONSIDER TAKING THE BUS, the fair shouldn't be that expensive at most 2$! And you need to start learning to get around in bus now that you're in college and if you have a student I.D. card, you could probably get a student discount fair. At most the fair should be 2$ And to get a cab you would need to call the company, tell them where to pick you up and they usually give you an estimate of how long it will take for them to arrive, and once you get into the cab you tell them where you are going. But definitely consider taking the bus, there and back. It's a lot cheaper, The wait while driving, and waiting for the bus could be a pain in the *** SOMETIMES. But check your local public transportation and see schedules, fair price and where the bus stops are.
3. travelmaster
yes try public transit it will be cheaper
and you dont have to tip the driver nor pay any tolls
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