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How do I get to seatac from bellingham WA? via public transportation or bus?

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1. Jennifer B
An Airporter bus would be the most efficient way to do it:
It's about $35 one way.

You can do it more cheaply by public transport - take the Metro Bus from Sea-tac to downtown Seattle, Community Transit Bus from Downtown Seattle and Skagit Transit/Whatcom Transit

Sea-Tac to Downtown - Metro # 194 from the airport to Westlake Station

Downtown to Everett Station - CT # 510 (pick up at 5th and Pike in downtown Seattle)

Everett Sta. to Mount Vernon Sta- Everett Connector # 90X

Mount Vernon Station to Bellingham -County connector # 80X

It will be a lot cheaper, but you'll have to plan the connection times carefully, and expect that the trip might take you all day.

Finally, you can take Metro into downtown Seattle, and Greyhound to Bellingham. It will be about $25, and Greyhound usually has 4 busses a day going north.
2. ಠ__ಠ
If you have a car, I would just drive. I regularly drive from the Seattle area up to Bellingham and back--depending on how many morons are clogging the roads at any given time, the trip can take anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours.

If you wish to use public transportation, the other answerers had it right--there's a train that goes to Bellingham although I'm not sure what the nearest train depot from SeaTac would be... possibly Renton Station. There are buses/shuttles that go up that way. Another option would be to fly--there are short flights from SEA to BFI that can get you there pretty quick, although I'm not sure how much they cost. For reference, BFI--or Bellingham International Airport--is a small airport just across the freeway from the Bellis Fair Mall in Bellingham.
3. Nahum
This Site Might Help You.

how do I get to seatac from bellingham WA? via public transportation or bus?
4. fixedinseattle
Besides Greyhound, another option would be Amtrak - they have a line from Bellingham to Seattle, and from Seattle you can take a bus straight to SeaTac. I think it's the 194, but I could be wrong on that.
5. Kìmߣ®L¥
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