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How do I get to Georgetown from Arlington, VA via public transportation?

I'm visiting the DC area with friends, and I understand that the Metrorail doesn't go there. Which bus/rail stops should I take? How long does it take?

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1. ctelly22
If you take the bus the 38B runs from Arlington to Georgetown. That bus is really slow though and only runs about once per hour. In VA it stops at ballston, Clarendon, rossyln, and courthouse metro's and goes through Georgetown to Farragut. I'm not sure which metro is near you but if you want to take the metro (train) you want to eventually take the orange or blue line to foggy bottom. Foggy bottom is the closest metro stop to Georgetown and from there you can walk or catch the bus. Some people say the walk is long, I find it leisurely, its about 5 blocks slightly uphill. If you catch the bus take any 30 bus going towards tenleytown/friendship heights or 38b towards ballston. Also when you get on the train remember to get a transfer as this will reduce your bus fare, and also get a transfer from the bus.That way you wont have to pay extra to get back on the bus if you use it before it expires. Check metros website they can tell you bus times and help you plan your trip from your starting point.
2. Bob
I believe that the DC Government and Georgetown University operate various shuttle services in and around Georgetown - connecting Foggy Bottom Metro Station to the K St., M St., University and Hospital.

I would not advise walking from Rosslyn Station - even though most of the trip is downhill except when crossing the Key Bridge.

BTW, Rail to Bus Transfers on Metro cost 35 cents - not 25 cents. If you have SmartTrip, you don't need a paper transfer as the correct fare will automatically be scanned. Most of the local bus systems also have SmartTrip readers which handle bus transfers correctly.
3. julie travelcaster
These are some good answers. Let me add some others.

If you are in Ballston, you can take the 36B bus from the Ballston Metro Station, and not go on the train (or have to make a transfer) at all. The 36B also leaves from the Courthouse, Clarendon and Rosslyn Metro Stations - again you need not make a transfer. If you are coming from Other places in Arlington, you'd need to take metro from there to Rosslyn and switch to the bus. I think this is faster than going to Foggy Bottom then doubling back. Make sure you get a bus transfer when you get on the train, to pay the transfer fare, rather than full fare.

It also depends where you want to be in Georgetown. Georgetown is big. On the east it is about 5 to 6 blocks from the Foggy Bottom Metro station, and that is where the watefront, the stone house, and such are. If your interests are to get to Georgetown University, that is across the Key Bridge from Rosslyn, and actually quite a hike from Foggy Bottom. Georegetown Park and the main central shopping and commercial section of Rosslyn are rather in the middle.
4. Maverick
Get on the Blue or Orange line metro (whichever station is most convienient). Get off the metro at Foggy Bottom. Make sure to get a bus transfer ticket from the machine in the station. Have a quarter out in cash or on your farecard (at least that was the cost when I lived in Foggy Bottom). It costs 50 cents one way if you don't have the bus transfer. When you leave the metro station, at the top of the escalators take a left and walk less than half a block to the bus stop for the Georgetown Shuttle. The Shuttle runs every ten minutes all day and late into the night every day. It's really convenient and almost impossible to get lost.
5. Aloha Guy
The other answers are Great!

However, once you are able to get to Rosslyn via Metrorail, one could easily walk across the Key Bridge to Georgetown
6. nyc_pharoah
Go to the Rosslyn Metro station and walk across the Key Bridge. That way, you'll get to G-Town, get some exercise in, and get a great view of the Potomac and some monuments.
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