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How do I get reliable taxi transportation in Omaha, NE?

I currently need taxi cab transportation to my doctor and reliable transportation to the grocery store, and have a taxi to pick me up sometimes when I go out to my local bar. Many taxi drivers don't pick me up on time and increase the rates with extra charges. Some taxi drivers I don't really trust(look...

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1. abcomputered
I have used Barattataxi for 3 years. He has always been the best choice for a taxi driver in the Omaha area. When he show up, you can bet his cab is always on time. His taxi has taken me to Eppley Airfield, the grocery store, the doctor, and picked me up from the bar. His taxi service is dependable and clean. He(Paul is the taxi driver) always show up on time and is responsive to me on local calls as well as any destination inside or outside the state(I've done both.)If you really want the best taxi driver in the Omaha area, Barattataxi is my pick.

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2. grand lake bum
call cash cab!
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