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How do I find transportation which would get my elderly aunt to vote on election day, in Brooklyn, NY?

Is there some place I can arrange for a pickup to get her to the polling place and home? I don't mean a cab service--that's a last resort, so thank you in advance. I mean some election-related transportation service. Do political parties do it? Does the Board of Elections? League of Women Voters? I'm...

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1. Bert Weidemeier
Most communities do provide this service for the aged and disabled. My Mom is 86 and she got 3 calls offering her transportation.

I would advise you to contact the Kings Count election board (Kings County is Brooklyn).

You should not be having a problem with this.
2. Flower
Under the current circumstances you should check around. Transit is free according to Bloomberg. Call the Elections Board and ask them and call the local chapter of Council on Aging or other senior group where you live. We cant help you because we dont live in Bklyn.
3. Power
Where I live we have a service anyone can use. It is a bus but you have to pay for it. You would need to call ASAP cause they may need notice. You can also call her local library for numbers so you can find help. For now on get her an absentee ballot sent her so she can send it out in the mail.
4. Marj
Of course, this won't help you this year, but I have the absentee ballot and that works just fine! Also read that the people who were in the hurricane would be able to vote by email.
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