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How can i drive taxi in fresno,ca?

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1. Daniel L
Well, this is the San Jose section so you are a little lost.
Go to a taxi company and ask for a job.
2. wizeman
First, move to Fresno, CA if you aren't there already. Next, go to the airport where you will find taxi cabs lined up waiting for customers. Next, give the driver $20 and ask him nicely if he will let you drive his taxi. If that doesn't work increase the amount until he says ok. I haven't tried this but I am sure it will work. Please drive carefully.
3. Elizabeth
You have to get a special license from the DMV to transport people.
4. joey k
By failing at everything else. You left out the indefinite article (the letter 'a') so you are definitely Indian, which I think is the requirement, congratulations you are dumb enough to make it.
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