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Easiest way to get from JFK airport to Midtown NYC other then a Taxi for a first timer to NYC?

Have been told that a taxi would be around $60?? Is that about right??

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1. nycguy10002
A taxi has a flat fare of $52.00 from JFK to Manhattan. Add tip and tolls and you are over $60.00.

There is a bus shuttle for $16.00 per person from JFK to Grand Central (East 42nd St & Park Av), Port Authority Bus Terminal (West 42nd St & 8th Av) and Penn Station (33rd St and 7th Av). You can get subway and local bus service if needed at these destinations.

Then there is the AirTrain & Subway combination $8.50 (see below):

Take the AirTrain to the Jamaica station (station D)
Walk to the Airtrain turnstiles and purchase an "AirTrain + Subway" MetroCard for $7.50 from one of the MetroCard vending Machines (there is a $1.00 surcharge for a New MetroCard making the total cost is $8.50). You can put larger amounts on the card if you want for later use on local bus and the subway

When you purchase the card, insert it into the AirTrain turnstiles, $5.00 (AirTrain fee) will be deducted, the card returned and the gate will then open.
- Walk ahead to the Long Ilsand Railroad area on the left.
- Enter the LIRR area and go to the elevators on the far side.
- Take any elevator down to the subway level (level A).
- Exit the elevator and go to the left to the subway turnstiles.
- Slide the MetroCard - with the gold side to you and the magnetic strip on the bottom thru the slot on the top of the turnstile. The remaining $2.50 will be deducted and the turnstile arm will release so you can enter. ***NOTE: Keep the MetroCard even though it has no fares left on it. The card can be refilled with value so you you don't have to buy a new one (and pay another $1.00 surcharge).
- Once you enter the subway, take any escalator or elevator down 1 level to the E train. Take a Manhattan bound E into Manhattan.

The E train enters Manhattan at 53rd St but operates mainly on the west side of Manhattan (8th Av) but you can transfer other subway lines (#6 Lexington Av line at 53rd St/Lexington Av, B & D - 6th av line at 7th Av/53rd St, 1, 2, 3 - 7th Av line and N, Q, R Broadway line at 42nd St-Port Authority Bus Terminal {which is one block from Times Square}).

You didn't say where in Midtown NYC 9Manhattan) but a lot of hotels are within walking distance of the 42nd St-Times Square area.

Subway and other maps for reference (you can get a free paper copy of the subway map at any booth near the subway turnstiles):

Have a good flight and welcome to New York. Enjoy your stay.
2. Vale22
I went to NY for the first time this year
The flat rate for the taxi is around 53$ (I went there in February, but also you have to add Toll and Tips) so its probably around 60-65$, then you have the metro option but it takes too long and it can be unconfortable with bags..after I went thru all these options and took my chances with these guys (I hired them once I was in JFK, I wasnt sure since there was a lot of shuttle services)it costed me 16$. I went from and to JFK with them and I had no issues.
They are always in the lower level of the airport where you pick up your bags and have buses, leaving all the time, you can even paid with credit card there, they have more than 1 stop in Midtown Manhattan for you to choose.

I hope it helps! Have a nice trip!
3. ajedrez
I believe it's $45 from JFK to any point in Manhattan, but they might've raised it to $53. But with the tolls and tip, it would probably be around $60 anyway.

In any case, the most direct route (though you might have to deal with traffic) is a shuttle bus for about $15:

I hope this information was very helpful.
4. bob walker
Airtrain to Jamaica, Subway to Midtown. Total cost is $7.50
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