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Driving in LA versus taking a Taxi everywhere?

so i'm debating between driving and taking a Taxi. i'm not sure how much cabs in LA are but here is the breakdown for renting a car: (i'm there for 5 nights / 6 days). car rental + GPS = $150 - $200 gas = $100 - $150 over-night parking in the hotel ($30/nt) = $150 (already booked hotel) day...

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1. roderick_young
$20-30 is a lot of gas per day. If you're doing that kind of distance (hundreds of miles) then a taxi is really going to add up. When we go to LA, one tank of gas, $30 for an economy car, would last all week.

$30 a night parking at the hotel? Wow, that's a ritzy place. I'm not accustomed to paying for parking, when staying at a hotel. Is there no validation?

LA is pretty sprawling and spread out - it's not like NYC where everybody takes cabs, and you can find one easily. Unless you're at an airport or train station, you'll likely need to call a cab to pick you up, and will have to wait for it to arrive.

If you don't like the hassle of driving, that's a different matter. Only you can put a price on that.
2. Whatever4
LA is *very* spread out. You could easily have several $50 cab rides just going between attractions. I don't drive and visited there once. I took the bus and subway (such as it is) when I could and still spent $300 in cabs. I went to places like The Getty Museum, the LA County Museum of Art, Universal Studios, Anaheim, etc.

You also can't just flag a cab down. Sometimes it take half an hour for them to show up.
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