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Does Bushwick and Williamsburg Brooklyn NYC have good public transportation? Or is getting a car a good investment for living there?

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1. tham153
Nearly all of NYC has excellent public transportation, and that very definitely includes Bushwick and Williamsburg. Parking in those areas is next to impossible, and your annual payments for parking tickets will quickly exceed the value of the car.
2. DON W
Having a car is only feasible if you live in one of the more suburban-type parts of the city, such as Staten Island, or the outer parts of Brooklyn and Queens, where there is adequate street parking. In densely populated areas like Bushwick and Williamsburg, there will be virtually no street parking, and what there is will have loads of parking restrictions, like the infamous "alternate side of the street" parking.
3. Mamianka
Living in NY and owning a car is NEVER a good combination!!!! My cousin - a doctor - lived in NY for several years when he started practicing, and his parking fees per month were more than my HOUSE mortgage on a 2200-SF brand-new house 90 miles upstate. (He since bought a practice WAY upstate - now he NEEDS a car - with 4-wheel drive.) Even if you start and end each workday with a walk to/from a bus stop or subway stop - and figure in the cost of a MetroCard - it beats the heck out of owning a 2,000 pound steel encumbrance. I am originally from Boston, went back there for my grad degree, and HAD to drive in the city (commuting from parents' place in the burbs) - but was used to it; other students were out of their minds about city driving there. There is a reason that many big cities build mass transit - trust me - NO CAR!!! Want to drive up here to our gorgeous rural scenery and arts festivals? RENT a car - or take the train or bus.
4. FamousNYLover
Yes, public transportation is much cheaper. Don't buy car because you'll get stuck in lots of traffic at busy streets or near expressway.
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