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Does anyone have an estimate on taxi fare from Grand Central Station NY to Brooklyn NY?

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1. S M
Probably somewhere between 30-50 dollars depending on where in Brooklyn, and what traffic is like. You get charged per 1/5 mile, plus the meter runs when you are stuck in traffic.

If possible, consider a bus or subway instead. It'll cost you $2 for the ride! You can use the trip planner in the source link to figure out your route. If you still have trouble, you can call the MTA directly, and they can advise you.
2. gormenghast10014
That depends how far into Brooklyn you are going. Brooklyn Heights is right over the Bridge - if you are going into Brighton Beach or Sheepshead Bay, add at least $25 to that fare.
3. gopher646
Where in Brooklyn are you going?

Brooklyn alone is the same size as Chicago. Give us more info for a specific estimate.
4. Leonard W
Half of the time the taxis won't go to Brooklyn. They're Manhattan-centric. Take the subway instead.
5. kchungqc
Approx $30 depending on which part of brooklyn you're going to
6. kirlak
Call New York Taxi and Limousine commission office or check the following website
7. mr danger
Where in Brooklyn are you going to . ?Brooklyn is a big place and taxis cost big bucks .Subways are both faster and cheaper.
8. MLaw
Brooklyn is larger than Paris. What part?
9. sierva de Dios
take the subway you will save money but if you really need a cab then call the taxi lines and ask for it.
10. Koko Butta Kream
Man just take the train!
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