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Cheapest transportation from Indianapolis to Ontario?

If you are going to London, Ontario from Indianapolis, Indiana, what is the cheapest way you can get there (not including by plane)?

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1. bbwfolkie
Since you are only asking about price, the cheapest way would be to take a the Greyhound bus which is only $66 if you buy your ticket it in advance (I believe it's 14 days) . According to the website the ride is just over 11 hours.
2. Huang Edison
How did the train cheaper than train transport. From Indianapolis, Indiana. convenient
3. llama
Why can't you take a plane? .. Its probably most convenient way.

its $255 / 4hr flight. For a plane
its $107 / 13hr drive. For Greyhound.

Remember you need a passport to enter the US, Whether you drive or fly!
4. Emily M
You might be able to rent a car cheaply.
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