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Cheap transportation to woodstock ga from marietta ga?

what are some cheap ways to get from marietta georgia to woodstock georgia even desperate enuff to take a bicycle lol just need somthing cheap for my only job i can get

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1. Meredith
I live in Marietta at the border of Cherokee County, going into Woodstock. I actually do see people cycling down Trickum Road, going to work at some of the restaurants there.

Unfortunately, you may be stuck since I dont think there is decent public transportation. I guess if you don't have a car, you can't carpool.....(though maybe you can pay one of your co-workers to pick you up.) If the job is that good, you may need to move closer to work so that transportation doesn't become a problem.

Best of luck.
2. mccoyblues
It all depends on where you need to get to and where you start from. The CCT buses don't go into East Cobb and only go as far north as the KSU campus and the Cherokee County bus only has two routes. They do not interconnect.

Depending on how far you need to go and what the roads are like I would consider buying a cheap motorscooter (no license required) or a bicycle thensave your paychecks for a cheap car.
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