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Advice please on getting from Lima (Peru) airport to our hotel in Lima. Is it best to prebook a taxi?

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1. Elizardbreath
Pre-booking a taxi is a great idea, although I think you'll find that the majority of hotels and hostels offer the service as part of their package or for a very reasonable fee.

Taxis in Peru are supposed to be regulated, but it's very common for private individuals to act as taxis in their spare time for extra cash. You'll find no shortage of both kinds of taxis at the airport. You'll be able to tell the difference between regulated taxis and non-regulated taxis because regulated taxis have a lit up number on the top of their car.

Private cars are associated with theft and even kidnapping, especially in Lima and especially late at night which is when many flights into the city get in. Not all private drivers are crooks, but personally, I took the stories seriously and always stuck to regulated taxis in Peru unless I was traveling in a larger group. It's more expensive to call ahead for a taxi than it is to just flag one down, but fares are generally very low in Peru and it's safer and often more convenient to call ahead.

Always ask for fare in advance while in Peru as there are no meters. Haggling in advance is acceptable and usually appropriate. Tipping is not the norm; neither is giving change, so try to keep a lot of it on you. If you don't speak Spanish, it's a good idea to keep a card with your hotel's address on it. Peruvians are highly literate though many of them, even those in tourist industry, are not necessarily fluent in English.
2. cholito lindo
If you arrive during the daylight hours and do not have lots of luggage you can walk out of the airport to the street, Faucett avenue and find taxis at a much lower rate than the taxis which are inside the airport. In Peru the taxi driver expect you to negotiate the fare. The taxis are not metered. I usually offer 25% less than the fare which the taxi driver offers. You should pay in Peruvian Soles and not in Dollars. One does not tip taxi drivers in Peru. Good luck.
3. The Rugby Player
Get the following site and than click on TAXI

Lima International Airport, Jorge Chávez - Limaeasy (c)
Crucial information about the Lima International Airport - Jorge Chávez. ... Elmer Faucett, Lima, Peru. go to Index. Recommended Topics ...
4. Penfold
WHen I did it, I just asked the hostel to arrange a taxi for me. It was there on time and waited for me whilst I tried to sort out my lost baggage. I don't know whether they were cheaper than just taking a cab from the airport but the cab was reasonably priced and provided a good service.
5. creativetravelers
People in Peru are friendly, so i recommend that you ask the people of your hotel at Lima for them to pick you up from the airport, many hostals and hotels do it for an extra cheap price.
6. reggae_music_lover
Nah, just get a taxi from inside the baggage claim area. Safe and roomy. Do it all the time.

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